Dear Chameleon

Thanks to Maria Eduarda Tavares-Pexel

In your mama’s womb

Created from a thought

Passion at its zenith

You blossomed from a kiss

Darkness has diverted you

Enticed you to imbibe

Koolaid of an insidious kind:

In order to be lovable

Worthy, completely wonderful

You must master adaptation

It’s the modern compilation

They’ve told you time and time again

World-hard Chameleon

If you ponder much it’s fatal

Your ideas, passé and gauche

Especially when you’re vocal

On your Facebook post

Introspection not respected

And besides what can you gain?

When the only goal worth chasing

Is fifteen minutes

Of elusive fame

You change shade, Dear Chameleon

When you want to fit in

To avoid the bully shaming

Suck it up and drink it in

And all you need to do is this:

Buy a house; change your size

Change your girl; change your guy

Have more sex; keep up the lie

But you don’t know; you don’t see

You need not be perfect

To captivate me

You’ve changed your journey

Dear Chameleon

You’ve amended and adjusted,

Keeping busy, you always push

For all that’s fake and bogus

You are now the poster child

We watch your colors change

Bought the lie; bartered your soul

Assumed, foolishly guessed:

To be lovely and fantastic

You must be elegantly flawless

Published by katenelsonfoster

Living and writing Jimmy Valvano's advice: "If you laugh, you think, you cry that's a full day..."

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