Whipped Cream and Life Lessons

Photo by Katerina Holmes on Pexels.com

It always seem impossible until it’s done

Nelson Mandella

It’s evident to most, I suppose. There are life lessons to be learned from baking that whip me into delight.

Take homemade whipped cream, for instance. From a distance, it looks like an easy accomplishment. Indeed it is. But only if the whipped cream protocol is followed. There are nuances such as refrigerating the beaters and bowl that, if skipped, will produce a less than stellar product. And, lest I forget, the heavy cream must be ice cold.

You must be willing to endure the beating while facilitating the cream’s attempts to reach peaks of perfection.

There are three enemies of flawless whipped cream creation to avoid:


You are most susceptible to doubt after you begin the whipping process. The thick, milky substance seems far away from airy pillows of whipped cream. These are tenuous moments as you and the beaters patiently make the rounds of the bowl.


Monotony has defeated many a would-be baker. They gave up too soon and were left with a second-rate product worthy only of sweetening the morning coffee.


Some have been lost to apathy due to the monotonous beating.  Repetition creates a type of baking hypnosis. Caution! If you get lost here and take a few too many laps, the result is butter.

Ahh, but if you persevere through doubt, monotony, and apathy, your reward is picture-perfect mounds of delectable deliciousness. And oh, the joy of reaching your goal!

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Living and writing Jimmy Valvano's advice: "If you laugh, you think, you cry that's a full day..."

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