If I Were Fearless Who Could I Be?

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. Roy T. Bennet If I were shamelesslyFearlessWhat would IWhat could IAccomplishIf failingWasn’t an option? If I were audaciouslyFearlessWhat would IWhat could IChampionFor the brokenWho cannot see their way? If I were daringlyFearlessWho would IWho could IVentureTo loveContinue reading “If I Were Fearless Who Could I Be?”

What of the Flower

Your existence matters, for this world is in need of your soul’s beauty. Dhiman Why do you thinkYou’re not as smartWhen your focusIs differentThan theirs Why do you thinkYou cannot giveWhen your gazeIs directedElsewhere What ofThe flowerThat springs from the crackIn the mostUnlikely of places Shall it not blessAnd give some reliefTo a soulAt onceFaintContinue reading “What of the Flower”